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The camera sees everything. Someone gave me the advice not to see R.W. Fassbinder's Beware of a Holy Whore until I had seen more of his films. I did not heed that advice; it was approximately the 4th Fassbinder film I saw and I was lost. Peter von Kant is perfect for the Fassbinder aficionado. Director François Ozon made Water Drops on Burning Rocks in 2000 based on an unproduced Fassbinder screenplay. We knew that Ozon appreciated Fassbinder: as a gay man and a cinéaste as well. Ozon takes his Fassbinder appreciation to the next level here, imagining Petra in Petra von Kant as a man. And not just any man! "Peter" (Denis Ménochet) reflects R.W. Fassbinder himself and the men in his life while combining the set design of Petra von Kant . The film will definitely be more enjoyable if you've seen Petra and know at least a little something about Fassbinder. That is a shame, because a lot of people don't have the time to research Fassbinder before goin

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