The Brothers Bloom (2008, Rian Johnson)

What could have been uninteresting or a disaster actually turned out to be a pleasant surprise.

The preview looked like it was about idiots gallivanting around Europe:
-Penelope the heiress who crashes her car every 5 seconds
-Bang-Bang the pyromaniac
-The Brothers Bloom, the inseparable con-artists with a lame plan we've seen 1,000 times before.

Right? Well, wrong.

It would be very easy to oversimplify the plots and characters, only because so much is going on.

The aforementioned Penelope (played by Academy Award winning Rachel Weisz) "collects hobbies". Thankfully the writer/director Rian Johnson (Brick) actually put some thought into the script or this could have been a snooze-fest. Along with Penelope's bottomless well of hidden talents, is a person aching to make a connection with the rest of the world, and not sure how to do so.

The story of the brothers starts from their childhood, when they develop a plan to rip off the local children who suffer from being too-well provided for. Their masterplan is a barrel of laughs and quite well thought out.

Mark Ruffalo plays the brother who is the brain and the true criminal. Adrien Brody plays the crook with the soft spot: always remaining close to his brother while looking for his one true love. Relationships are key for him.

Things get complicated fast, and while we're aware that things aren't all what they seem, neither are we exactly sure what lies ahead.

I can safely recommend The Brothers Bloom for its wit, charm, and nearly silent performance by outstanding Academy Award nominated Rinko Kikuchi (Bang-Bang). Don't hesitate to run to the theater, because it won't disappoint.

Rating: 83/100


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