In Remembrance: Susan Tyrrell (March 18, 1945 - June 17, 2012)

Susan Tyrrell made an appearance at the Silent Movie Theatre on February 16, 2008 after they showed her film Night Warning. It stands out as probably the most interesting Q&A I have attended in Los Angeles over the years. I go back to my archives to bring you my thoughts:

She was in a wheelchair and wore devil horns on her head. Even though I was way in the back, she was full of so much fervor that she almost seemed possessed . She talked about being nominated for her performance in John Huston's Fat City coming to Hollywood for the Academy Awards. From the way she told it, I thought she WON the award. It wasn't until several months later when I was looking at the list of best supporting actresses when I couldn't find Susan Tyrrell...

She has appeared in several other notable films including:
Andy Warhol's Bad
John Water's Cry Baby

Every role has been memorable and she remains among one of my top favorite actresses. May she rest in peace and may she never be forgotten.

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