Top Five Films of December, 2012

Maggie Cheung is a great actress and this biopic of a Chinese actress showcases her talent like no other. That is really saying something, because of the scope of her career.  Not only is Center Stage a masterpiece, but it is special.
Histoires de crevettes/Shrimp Stories (1964, Geneviève Hamon, Jean Painlevé)
An amazing documentary about shrimp.

 photo bd353deb-3a09-42ea-92d2-712a215e009b.jpg
Manoel de Oliveira is currently over 100 years old. In 2001, he made this invaluable film which recounts his life. It is beautiful and worth watching.

 photo top-interviewswmlv-1.jpg
Vietnam remains a controversial topic, but this short documentary takes the cake. Hear first hand from soldiers about the horrors of the war.

 photo 66f9685d-5cbf-461d-a719-572566248002.jpgNadie hablará de nosotras cuando hayamos muerto/Nobody Will Speak of Us When We're Dead (1995, Agustín Díaz Yanes) 

Once again, Victoria Abril nails it. Considered one of Spain's top films for a reason.


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