Top Five Films of April, 2013
En cas de malheur (Claude Autant-Lara)
A brilliant film with Bardot and Gabin.
Au royaume des cieux (Julien Duvivier)
An intense boarding school drama by a master director.
Le prénom (Alexandre de La Patellière, Matthieu Delaporte)
English title: What's in a Name?

A disturbing yet entertaining film based on a play which also starred Patrick Bruel.
Mariage à Mendoza (Edouard Deluc)
English title: Welcome to Argentina
Kind of like The Hangover, but with a lot more class.
Quelques heures de printemps (Stéphane Brizé)
English title: A Few Hours of Spring
A gripping drama that was nominated for four Cesars (French equivalent of the Academy Awards).


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