Top Five Films of December 2013
Nada (2001, Juan Carlos Cremata Malberti)
Sitting Ducks (1980, Henry Jaglom)
The Gauntlet (1977, Clint Eastwood)
Les saveurs du Palais/Haute Cuisine (2012, Christian Vincent)
Diplomatic Courier (1952, Henry Hathaway)

Honorable Mention:
The Gambler (1974, Karel Reisz)
El hijo de la novia/Son of the Bride (2001, Juan José Campanella)

Short Film:


Unknown said…
Hi Allison!
Im the sweish guy you met at couchsurfing, I just want to share some good tips for movies:
1. Simple Simon (actually the title translates to "There are no feelings in space") a quirky movie about an autistic guy who tries to help his brother find love (the main actor is the brother of alexander skarsgard)
2. Late Blossom - A korean movie that follows some elderly people in todays korea and it is about finding love late in life, very touching.
Allison M. said…
Thank you for the recommendations! I'll check them out.

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