Top Five Films of January 2014 
Walking and Talking (1996, Nicole Holofcener)
Great debut from Holofcener, focusing on the relationship between best friends.  I discovered it after hearing from several people that it was among her best films. Her most recent film, Enough Said, is also a great dramedy. 
The Baby Maker (1970, James Bridges)
Checked it out after a friend raved about it. Basically, it features Barbara Hershey in her best role as a surrogate mother for a rich couple.  Similar to Juno in many ways, but it takes quirky to another level and better explores the emotions of a mother-to-be giving up her child. 
Louis Lumière (1968, Eric Rohmer)
 Jean Renoir, Henri Langlois and Eric Rohmer discuss the films of the Lumière Brothers, pioneers of cinema.  There are lots of film clips from their early films, many of which are extremely hard to find otherwise. 
Do Me a Favor aka Trading Favors (1997, Sondra Locke)
 Sondra Locke always brings an energy to her films, whether she is acting or directing.  This film is no exception.   Rosanna Arquette is amazing in this.
Dallas Buyers Club (2013, Jean-Marc Vallée)
 Matthew McConaughey won Best Actor at the Golden Globes for a reason. The strength of the movie definitely lies in the performances.

Honorable mention:  
Bound (1996, The Wachowskis)


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