[Paul Jury and Hailey Bright from the web-series "48 States of Granddad"]

The SoCal Clips Indie Film Festival had a sold-out opening night on August 12, 2016. My personal favorite short was "Q & A", directed by Adam Epstein. Writer Jacob Stark explained to me that this satire was inspired by a real question and answer session that occurred relatively close to the Los Angeles area. Other highlights included the first episode from the web-series "Successful People" and the dramatic "Tu & Eu".

Saturday's schedule will feature first-time producer Annie Clark's "Cryhard". She said it was her first movie ever and wants to make another short before making a feature in 2017. The budget was just 2,000 Canadian dollars, so it met the festival's limit of a $10,000 or less budget.

Also to look forward to is Paul Jury's "48 States of Granddad". He drove through the 48 continental states after college and wrote a book about it before adapting the story into a web-series. While he has also visited Hawaii, he is waiting for the Netflix deal to explore Alaska.


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