Top Films (December 2016)

La Religieuse/The Nun    (2013, Guillaume Nicloux) AmazonPrime
Though Isabelle Huppert appears over an hour after the start of the film, it is very worthwhile. Pauline Etienne delivers a stunning performance.
Neruda (2016, Pablo Larraín)
Lion (2016, Garth Davis)
Tui shou/Pushing Hands (1992, Ang Lee)
Though an older film, it’s a gem from a top director.
Snowden  (2016, Oliver Stone)
Amazing writing and acting. Stone turned Snowden’s story into a well-paced thriller.
Nocturnal Animals (2016, Tom Ford) Well-written and well-done, but very disturbing subject matter. Hoping Michael Shannon will get the Oscar!

Top Documentary:
Chicken People    (2016, Nicole Lucas Haimes) Amazon Prime

Honorable Mention:
Patriots Day (2016, Peter Berg)


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