House of Games (1987, David Mamet)

"Save your money, Joe. Semper fi."
I was really impressed when I saw House of Games directed by David Mamet ten years ago: March, 2010. I just rewatched it at the Aero in Santa Monica, CA, as part of their noir film festival. Apparently, I bought the VERY last ticket, as I just happened to be at the Aero Sunday afternoon as well. I didn't necessarily think of the film as noir, but it worked for the programming.
"Oh, babe, you're mucking up my timing."
I have to say that the beginning felt a little bit stunted. I didn't remember all the details and Mamet fooled me once again, even though I got suspicious toward the end. Some things that perturbed me this time (light spoilers):
-It looked like the bartender was reading a script
-Mike (Joe Mantegna) talks to Margaret (Lindsay Crouse) so loudly about George (Ricky Jay) that he must have heard him
-Joey (Mike Nussbaum) and Mike explain a tell to Margaret so loudly while the cop is in the bathroom that he must have heard
-Mike and his pals borrow more than twice the amount of money they'll make back for a job
-Mike tells Margaret she'll have a strong urge to confess to a crime in front of the cabbie
"The bitch has killed us."
Vegan alert:
-Margaret has silk underclothes
-Waldorf salad (not vegan with mayo)
"Didn't I tell you? What did I just say?"
Q&A with David Mamet (writer/director) and Eddie Muller (host)
March 9, 2020


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