Revolutionary Road (2008, Sam Mendes)

Rating: 2.5/4 star, 61/100

Overall, disappointing. This movie likes to take jumps in time. The problem is that it wants to be Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf at times. Kate & Leo seemed to be overacting, both of them trying for that impossible Oscar. It also makes Kate & Leo's relationship to be turbulent. One moment you think they're going to strangle each other or at least be perpetually unhappy, and the next moment they are over the moon to the point where you become overly hopeful for them.

Then of course, things take yet another crazy turn at the end. You're left wondering how you got there. Unfortunately, it doesn't have the romanticism of Titanic, even though I was never the world's biggest fan of the movie.

While the writing was solid, and while the screenwriter admitted to making things a tad happier in the movie than the book (SPOILER: In the book, Leo's character gives the kids away to relatives; in the movie he is always close to them.), he still joked about the movie's day after Christmas release: "On Christmas you open up all your presents, only to go to the theater the next day to find out what your life is really like."

In closing, I'd like to confirm that this movie is not so stand-out, in accordance with my rating. Some people have actually enjoyed the acting, even though it wasn't as subtle as I would like. The story isn't one that can be adored unless you like having your expectations blown in a bad way. I would recommend seeing it if you really must quench your curiosity. After all, Kate & Leo together again after 11 years is something a lot of people won't be able to stay away from.


Anonymous said…
Ah, sorry to hear you didnt love it as much as me :(

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