Petition for Ray Carney to Return Mark Rappaport's Films

Independent filmmaker Mark Rappaport asked Boston University Professor Ray Carney to hold his "films, video masters, early drafts of scripts, duplicates of reviews and announcements" when he left to go to Paris according to Jon Jost's blog.  Unfortunately, when Rappaport came back and asked for the materials, Ray Carney decided to hold them hostage saying they were gifts (when Carney gave back some of Rappaport's materials, he demanded thousands in fees now that he claimed the works belonged to him).

If you want the full run down, check the blog.  If you want to support Mark Rappaport, please sign this petition:

Ray Carney has done the same thing to John Cassavetes and is keeping the first version of Shadows for himself.  Since Cassavetes has passed away, perhaps the rightful heir is his widow, Gena Rowlands, and not Ray Carney.

Carney has been hailed as a brilliant critic by several people, but it is clear that his actions are deceptive, unlawful, and evil.  Measures are being taken to find out how to get him removed from Boston University, despite his tenure.  The process could be long and hard, but it would be worth it. 


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