Beröringen / The Touch (Bergman, 1971)

Saw it Saturday night. Bibi Andersson reminded me of lots of women, including an older version of herself in Persona, Juliette Binoche, Mia Farrow, Jane Fonda, and even my mother (only with blonde hair). I saw these women in her and it was creepy. It wasn't a boring movie, but looking at her and seeing different people in her kept me pretty occupied.

In the movie, she and Elliott Gould are attracted to each other and they have this nice but violent relationship. I don't want to spoil it...

But Ingmar Bergman described how he felt after the death of his father, and a character in this film goes through the exact same emotions in the exact same scene Bergman described to the journalist. The affair between Elliott and Bibi also happened to Ingmar Bergman in his own strange life.

Elliott Gould was there for a Q&A. Iin fact he donated his print of the film to UCLA, and we watched his print of it. And he said, "I don't do impressions, but..." and proceeded to do an impression of Ingmar Bergman and how Ingie called Elliott "My leetle brothah" in a deep voice, with an accent that sounded more German than Swedish.

Elliott was charming and even said he wouldn't leave until the last person in the theater left. I did stay for a little bit and listen to some fans introduce him to their wives and parents. He was very gracious, but I didn't want to talk to him and make a fool out of myself.


I had to come over here and say something as well. One of my all time favorite celeb sightings was seeing Elliott Gould in Nate n' Al's one day. It was so fantastic to see him talk about THE TOUCH and, like you, I could very easily have gone up to him but didn't want to wind up babbling. Either way, it was a thrill to be there.

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