Witness for the Prosecution (1957, Billy Wilder)


Rating: 4/4 stars, 9/10, 91/100
Rank: #31 (Top Favorites)

Watching this movie was an enjoyable experience. It was one of the films that went along. I thought it was great, but not superior. Until the end. That sealed the deal and made this one of the most brilliant films of all time. See it!


J.D. said…
Because I'm so young and am always trying to see anything I possibly can, I rarely try to re-watch stuff older than I am. But I've totally done it with this, and it just as brilliant the second time as it was the first. It's actually my favorite Billy Wilder film (of what I've seen)! And Laughton is totally awesome, right?
Allison M. said…
Thanks for leaving me so many good comments. I would encourage you to watch a lot of older films, as the ones that have survived the test of time are SO worth it.

Laughton is great. I'll have to add him to the tags. I recently watched a double-feature on him as King Henry the VIII, the first one was in 1933 (The Private Life of King Henry VIII) and the followup twenty years later in 1953, Young Bess. He's also good in the Hunchback of Notre Dame.

Plus the one movie he directed is pretty good Night of the Hunter.
J.D. said…
Thank you Allison. :)

And I love The Night of the Hunter! If you're only gonna direct one movie...
Allison M. said…
Haha, yes. Well, I'm turning in for the night but I am posting more of my favorites tomorrow. Thanks for reading.
Gloria said…
Indeed, Laughton is awesome... And sadly gone: nowadays actors are so afraid of being caught acting by critics, they don't dare to be the type of actor Laughton was.

It's really hard to choose a sole film by him, but a personal favourite for me is "This Land Is Mine".

BTW, if you are fans of Laughton and "Night of the Hunter", feel free to visit my blog
Gloria said…
Alison... I quite like Renoir: Check la Grande Illusion or La Regle du jeu if you have the chance, too!

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