L.A. Confidential (1997, Curtis Hanson)


Rating: 4/4 stars, 9/10, 90/100
Rank: #40 (Top Favorites)

Once again, great directing and good story, but the actors shine above all else.


J.D. said…
James Cromwell > everyone else.
Allison M. said…
Haha, I was recently reading James Ellroy's novel Clandestine, and Dudley Smith, the James Cromwell character is in that book as well. Pretty good book, but nothing can top L.A. Confidential.
Will Errickson said…
True, the Ellroy novel is astounding, particularly the whole gory Disney subplot they left out of the movie. I was no big fan of DePalma's adaptation of The Black Dahlia, however.

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