Cet obscur objet du désir/ That Obscure Object of Desire (1977, Luis Buñuel)

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First viewing: 6/10
Second viewing (9/15/08): 4/4 stars, 10/10, 93/100, 9/10
Rank: #28 (Top Favorites)

It was the third Bunuel I ever watched (around 2003 or 2004). After I saw it, I decided I wanted to see ALL the films Bunuel ever made. And I was so fortunate to have seen most of them.

Lying home sick in bed, I started craving That Obscure Object of Desire. And wow, what a difference a few years makes!

The first rating was probably due to being unsettled and not quite sure about the two actresses. I wanted to figure out why Carole and Angela were the Conchitas they were. Now that I knew that Angela Molina pulled out of production, leaving Bunuel to decide to film the rest of the scenes with a completely different actress after partaking of two dry martinis. Although at the end, it seems that Angela and Carole's scenes almost become intertwined (there are at least two bits where they're wearing the same outfit even), maybe Bunuel had a hand in which scenes he chose for Carole to act in. The way that the scenes switch off with the actresses seem like Bunuel was doing this on purpose. I want to say that maybe he re-filmed one or two scenes with Carole Bouquet on purpose.

When the character of Conchita realizes her power and holds it above Mathieu (Fernando Rey) by screwing another guy in front of him, no offense to Kieslowski, but it is more powerful and less revolting than in White. What I mean is, in White, I wanted to strangle the Julie Delpy character for being so worthlessly low, while in Object, I felt sorry for Conchita. After all, she was the immigrant, the one in the lower class that Mathieu was exploiting and easily, so. When she gets the chance to throw him a curveball, it may not have been smart, but it was all too satisfying.

Fun trivia: Luis Buñuel has a sister named Conchita. Creepy, but interesting.


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