Friday, April 22, 2011

Juliette Binoche's Top 10 Films

I watched Copie Conforme with a friend and we were trying to figure out how it ranked out of all her performances. Now that I think about it, it could be her very best. But so could Blue or The English Patient – or Summer Hours.

In effort to actually take a stand and not be wishy-washy, I made a top 10 list. There are probably a couple more films worth mentioning like Breaking and Entering or the version of Wuthering Heights that she did with Ralph Fiennes. Okay, so I’ve mentioned them too!

Now let’s get this party started…and watch the top 10 best films that Juliette Binoche has done according to me!

  • L’heure d’été/Summer Hours (2008)
  • Copie conforme/Certified Copy (2010)
  • La veuve de Saint-Pierre/The Widow of Saint-Pierre (2000)
  • The English Patient (1996)
  • Chocolat (2000)
  • Caché (2005)
  • Paris (2008)
  • Trois couleurs: Bleu (1993)
  • Code inconnu: Récit incomplet de divers voyages/Code Unknown (2000)
  • Damage (1992)

Friday, April 1, 2011

Top Five Films of March, 2011
Copie conforme (2010) (Saw in the theater: IFC Center, New York, New York)
Abbas Kiarostami has been on my radar for awhile, but this is by far the best film I've seen by him. I have been traveling lately, so I saw this film in New York. After I saw a preview for it in Pittsburgh, which made it seem like a quaint and almost dull romantic comedy. That is kind of dangerous, because the movie really plays with and distorts reality, and never reveals whether Juliette Binoche is psychotic or deranged (although we strongly suspect it). If you're interested in subversive films, perhaps you should check out this quiet masterpiece. While it was at Cannes, it still might go under a lot of people's radar.

Here is also a clip of new actor William Shimell singing opera (his background):
The Scenic Route (1978) (Saw in theater: Anthology Film Archives, New York, NY)
Part Mulholland Dr. , this film has an air of pending doom. As Darryl James describes in his blog, there is a "Dr. Love" dance sequence. It reminded me of Ozon's Water Drops on Burning Rocks - and of course The Scenic Route came first. It's quite unique and a fun experience as well.
California Suite (1978)
Great dialogue and several funny situations.
"Carlos" (2010)
Really an epic movie.
Crush (1992) Alison Maclean
Every March since 2008, I dedicate the month to watching films directed by women. The surprise was this film. I didn't have any expectations and it features a wild insane performance by Marcia Gay Harden. If you are in the U.S.A., you can watch this movie for free on HULU.