Annie Hall

Rating: 3/4 stars, 8/10, 77/100

The film that was almost known as Anhedonia is a really good movie. However, it is not my favorite Woody Allen. However, I'm glad Star Wars lost out on Best Picture to this. It's crafty and has Diane Keaton in the role of a lifetime. It also turns the romantic comedy on its ear.

My favorite parts:

-the kids telling what they are going to be when they grow up.
-Annie & Alvy having fun with the lobsters, then Alvy trying to repeat the wonderful moment with another woman only to have it fall worse than flat.


Anonymous said…
I think this is Woody's best film, I adore it and can watch it over and over without ever getting bored.
Allison M. said…
I told myself I'd watch it every 5 years and a viewing of this is two years overdue. I should see it again soon!

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