Baby Face

Rating: 3.5/4 star, 8.5/10

This is the most notorious pre-code movie at all: Baby Face. Alfred E. Green directs Barbara "Baby Face" Stanwyck magnificently, as he was just about to direct Bette Davis in her Academy-Award winning role: Dangerous, two years later. However, since Baby Face was directed before the Hays' Code was set into immovable place, Green was able to get a way with a lot more. It wasn't just innuendo; it was crystal clear. Barbara Stanwyck's character was sleeping with men to get to the top, in times of depression. In fact this film helped to sanction the Hays' Code, because it ignored the moral guidelines of the time.


Allison M. said…
Glad you liked it JD. I saw it in the theater a couple years ago when the original version was either discovered or whatever, then again when they had Barbara Stanwyck day on TCM. I saw like 6 Barbara Stanwyck movies with my friend in a day. It was pretty great.

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