I want to know if Meryl Streep is an evil bitch that is dead set against anyone without 50 years experience in the church or if she is a martyr fighting against a man who is doing unquestionably bad things to children?

I love the part where Streep gives her vicious speech in the preview where she is almost screaming. I wouldn't be surprised if she was nominated for an Academy Award for a fifteenth time, blowing Katharine Hepburn and Bette Davis' records out of the water. Not that Streep is a better actress than Bette. Maybe she's just had better opportunities.

Also I want to know why they wear the little Amish costumes, but then a boy has an iPod in the movie? That almost takes me out of the stern coldness of the film, but at the same time it intrigues me. I hope to see it ASAP. If there isn't an advance screening, then I have opening weekend marked on my calendar!

In addition, I just found out about this juicy sounding French film today:

Le Code a changé
Great cast & director! Now if I can only figure out what it's about. Oh yes, great poster too.


Anonymous said…
Le Code a changé does sound interesting!

And of course, Doubt is something I just want to see asap, I adore the entire cast.
Allison M. said…
Thanks for the comment, Nick. I can't wait to see Doubt so I can talk about it even more!
Lauren said…
Yup yup yup, this is one movie that'll get me out to the theaters.

Unprecedented for me... I haven't gone to see anything ALL NOVEMBER. :x

And I love your blog!
Allison M. said…
Oh yay, Lauren. I'm glad you like the blog. And if you wait until Doubt to go to the theaters, you won't go to the theater all November, since the release date is for December.

The only time I paid for a ticket to the theater was for AFI Fest (a couple of French films). And then I went to see a couple of documentaries for 5 bucks. Can't beat that. Taylor Hackford was supposed to be one of the guest speakers, but I guess he was busy that night or something. :(

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