Cadillac Records Premiere

I attended the Cadillac Records Premiere Monday night, because I thought maybe Beyonce would be there.

I saw these people walk the red carpet:

-Rachel Roberts (yeah, who? I happened to know who she was and so did the photographers, but a lot of people were saying 'Rachel, who?')
-Gabrille Union (who was in the movie)
-Adrien Brody (someone next to me said his girlfriend looked like a "new" Natalie Portman, but her face reminded me of Scarlett Johanssen)
-Some guy with an unfamous girlfriend. She said her name was Tynee and spelled it out for the photographers. When you have to do that, you know you're not famous.
-A very beautiful African American young woman named Lauren London.
-Someone said this chick was Anika Noni Rose (She was in Dreamgirls with Beyonce), but it is actually Sanaa Lathan per Reuters.
-Then Jeffrey Wright was there (actually I couldn't tell who he was in the movie, because he completely transformed into Muddy Waters. He has an incredible gift for being unrecognizable, if only because he is incredibly adept, WOW!!!)
-Then Etta James arrived. Beyonce plays her in the movie. She had long gorgeous hair with highlights and she was standing up! I actually saw her live March, 2002 and she was in a wheelchair, so I didn't expect to see her standing up.
-Then actually Beyonce showed up. She was looking very gorgeous with her hair pulled back. Her mom followed her shortly thereafter. About her performance in the film: I will be very surprised if she isn't nominated for an Oscar. She was absolutely amazing. And I say that as a person who isn't very easily impressed (Heath Ledger's turn as the Joker anyone? Yes, quite a joke).

All in all it was a very exciting night, even if I had to do a lot of waiting around.

Review of Cadillac Records:

Rating: 7.5/10, 75/100, 3/4 Stars

Cadillac Records has a lot of potential for Oscar season. It had everything Walk the Line had, only multiply that by five. We are not talking about one story, but stories centered around about five top blues artists from the fifties period.

Some people would say it's about Leonard Chess, since "Chess Records" gave out Cadillacs to its artists. That is probably why the movie is called Cadillac Records. The movie seems to center on Muddy Waters, before also exploring the careers of Little Walter, Howlin' Wolf, Etta James, and Chuck Berry.

In the beginning it started out well. But when some of the musicians were supposed to be playing, the camera focused on the actors' faces, then it cut to a close-up of fingers on guitar, and no wide shots, meaning that not all actors were actually playing the instruments. Even in a movie like School of Rock, they got kids that could play their instruments! However, that became a non-issue after Beyonce as Etta James became part of the movie. She was emotionally moving and I would be surprised if she wasn't nominated for an Oscar.

The music in this movie was especially good, and I wouldn't be surprised if a whole new generation of "kids" came to love these old blues artists because of the attention brought to them by this movie.


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