Rating: 0.5/4 stars, 1/10, 9/100

Do not take my advice. I think James McAvoy is ok. I can see what the fuss is about, but I am not fussy about him myself. As an actor I hear he is very humble. And he is at the very beginning of his career and people find him charming and love him.

As for Keira Knightley, I can't stand her and her snooty accent. I wonder if it was common for the upper classes (and if they weren't upper class, why did they have plenty of money and a huge mansion?) for them to wear bohemian-dressy dresses with their nipples sticking out? Also every time Keira is stripping or having sex, her younger sister just happens to be there.

The story is set up so that James McAvoy's character is easily framed for a crime. I found it really really rotten and almost unbearable until the very end. Then, it got to me.

It had the same exact ending as Swimming Pool practically where the old novelist tells her story of what happened and fictionalized it. Although I really liked the ending, I felt I had seen it before and had no sympathy for the characters in this movie.

All three actresses who played Briony (the bad little blonde girl) were good. However, it was hard to sympathize with her for ruining a person's life.


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